Eco Conscious Floristry

If you are at this website, I’m sure you agree that it’s lovely to have a bit of nature in the home, but should this come at the cost of our natural environment?

I think not, and I’m sure many of you would agree. This is why I am making it my floral mission to provide an eco conscious option for flower bouquets in Perth.

While I am continually learning and researching better products and more eco friendly options this is what I have in place at the moment.

Plastic Free

By now, we all know how bad single use plastics are, right? This is why I will not use them in my products. Nope. Not at all. Never.

All my products will be sold in reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

In full disclosure, while I try to always source stock that comes without single use plastic, this is not always possible. However, I can guarantee, I am still learning and research on how this can be improved.

Waste not, Want not

Floristry naturally produces a decent amount of green waste which my frugal mind feels is, well, wasteful.

So to cut down on wastage and unused product, I'am currently only selling through markets, and will be focusing on pre-orders and subscriptions through my website. This way I can only order what product is needed.

I've also been testing out making confetti from left over eucalyptus and gum leaves and petals. However, this is quite time consuming... so I'm not too sure how far I'll go with that :)

I’m also researching the best way to make garden compost from discarded stems, leaves and spent flowers.

I reuse water in the garden when I can and any plastics I do acquire from stock, I recycle through the correct outlets or try to re-use where possible.

I am totally open to more info on how I can reduce waste and reuse the biproducts from floristry, so you know have any great ideas, please contact me.

Giving Back

I strongly believe in supporting the good fight, as, when and how you are able. This is why I pledge to donate $1 from every small or medium bunch of flowers sold at my various market stalls, or from my website, to the Conservation Council of Western Australia.

CCWA are the state’s foremost non-profit, non-government conservation organization and they are doing fantastic things to promote sustainability and protect our amazing and unique natural environment.
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To ensure we are also planting and not just taking (and as a little token of appreciation for making a purchase), purchases from my market stalls will come with a packet of flower seeds for you to grow and nurture at home or wherever you choose.